What is mixing?

Mixing is a process that comes after recording the songs and it is important that you have an idea of ​​what it is, and what is the importance of the mix in the final production of a song:

Mixing is the final balance between everything recorded, establishing the volume levels (planes) of each instrument in the song. All instruments that have been recorded on separate channels will be integrated to form the music the way it will be heard, so you should try to pass exactly what you want to have as a final result for the Mixing Engineer. In the process of storing audio, Mixing is not only the balance of the volumes of each instrument that was previously recorded, but also the balance of timbres between them, made through equalization, compression and other effects. Mixing can also be performed in live performances. Generally, the goal is to achieve a balance between the volume and timbre of all components so that everyone can be heard clearly, without however concealing each other, but there may be infinite criteria, or even none, being this one a artistic activity. Most studios put the price of the Mixing built into the final package, but some do not, charging the price separately. Be aware of this so you do not overspend. For Mixing, the most important equipment is the table, its peripherals, and the software that will be used. You certainly would like to have your work done with the same software that is used by major international record companies and even by the big film producers is not. It is true that we have studios in Brazil capable of accomplishing this task, but the price? For this to be possible, it is necessary for the studios to use truly professional software and for the professional to have enough experience and knowledge to ensure that their music meets the expected quality. Here in R.AudioMastering we guarantee the union of the best equipment and software, together with an experienced technician, to guarantee the best results to our clients.